Access Control Systems

Time and Attendance Solution/ Access Control 

Our Time and Attendance Solution/ Access Control allows you to choose from almost any common form of existing ID technology to gain access to your buildings. Options include swipe cards and/or PIN keypads as well as more sophisticated readers such as proximity cards and state-of-the-art biometric readers for fingerprint or facial recognition.

Just issue your employee’s their own bar coded badges and kiss manual payroll processing goodbye. Say hello to streamlined paydays and the many other benefits that bar code technology can bring to your business. Our T&A system can also provide you the means of capturing data about your work flow, labor allocation, job costing, inventory utilization, and many other facets of your business.

Access Control System
Proximity Cards / Tags Solution / Fingerprint Verification Solution


Audio/Video Intercom

Audio & Video Intercom/ door entry system. It has an entry panel with an integrated digital keypad and a hands-free intercom.

You can use the internal intercom to speak to visitors before granting access or authorized visitors can gain entry using a pin code.

Audio/video Intercom