Framed Folding Door System

The size of each door varies between and can reach upto 70 cm to 75 cm wide.

Up to 400 cm height of top and bottom glass doors are equipped with Aluminum Profile.

Shutter width up to 70 cm to 75 cm and height up to 280 cm to 300 cm.

Heavy duty shutter door width upto 70 cm to 75 cm and height upto 380 cm to 400 cm.

Frameless Folding Door System

Frameless Folding Doors are made up of several glass panels that slide and fold completely opening the space.

The unique feature about the frameless folding door is that there are no frames in between the glass panels and when they fold, the panels are refractable.

Perfect for houses or offices that require versatile open space.

Glass: Single glazed 10 or 12 mm thick