Automatic Sliding Doors

Sliding door systems for convenience and perfection

Sliding doors are space-saving, elegant and modern. Glass sliding doors are ideal when it comes to making good use of daylight and fulfilling optical criteria. The automatic sliding doors from GEZE can be used to implement the widest range of application requirements within a building.

The operators in the Slimdrive sliding door series have a construction height of just seven centimetres and blend perfectly into any building’s architecture as well as offering a wide range of applications.

The ECdrive is economic and extremely reliable in its functionality.

The Powerdrive is a real power package and is capable of moving heavy doors conveniently and safely.

Automatic Swing door systems

The swing door systems from GEZE make going through a door easier in the event that manual operation is too complex or difficult. The absolute reliability and safety of the swing door drives go hand in hand with clear and modern design lines. GEZE enables project specific solutions and ensures planners the greatest possible degree of design freedom.

The electro-hydraulic TSA range is ideal anywhere where convenience and support is required when opening a door.

With the unique operator height of just seven centimetres, the drives of the Slimdrive range are practically invisible and blend into any building architecture.

The electromechanical ECturn drive enables doors in barrier-free interiors to be opened and closed gently and conveniently.

Powerturn – the automatic swing door drive has the ability to open large heavy doors reliably and safely.  At the same time, its low overall height fits in perfectly with every design.  Its unique ‘Smart Swing’ function also facilitates effortless manual passing of the door.


Automatic Revolving door systems

Revolving doors are a component of a facade and also the point of focus of the entrance area of a representative building. Here, it is important for the visitor to make a good “first impression” with the help of an architecturally perfect revolving door which continues to function reliably and safely despite high frequencies of operation. GEZE enables almost unlimited design freedom when it comes to the various materials and colors.

The high insulation effects protecting against draughts, weather and noise mean that revolving doors create a very effective separation of the indoor and outdoor climates and contribute towards saving energy.

Electrical ventilation as well as smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) by GEZE

 GEZE offers automatic window opening and closing solutions for a wide selection of different application cases. The broad product portfolio ranges from a broad choice of drive systems for regular ventilation and aeration through to complete fresh and exhaust air solutions for safe and speedy smoke extraction (NRA).

The GEZE product portfolio includes easy-to-fit and user-friendly electrically-operated chain drives for electrically-powered ventilation and heat and smoke extraction as a direct opener and high performance electrically-operated spindle drives, which can also be used as a direct opener and integrated into the profile of an opening and locking system. In combination with electrically-operated linear drives the GEZE slim line fanlight scissor drives can also be operated electrically.

Heat and smoke extraction is triggered by the GEZE RWA emergency power supply units. GEZE also offers systems as fresh air solutions.


Manual sliding wall system – GEZE MSW

The sliding wall systems from GEZE are particularly suitable for modern, design-oriented all-glass solutions set in demanding architecture. A flexible building block system and the integration of leaf elements with varying functions offer a wide range of design freedom, not just in hotels and congress halls, shopping centers or at airports.